Ali Solanki 🍉
Ali Solanki 🍉

Ali Solanki 🍉

YouTuber, Serial Entrepreneur, Developer and a lot more! I'm currently on the mission to help people be 1% better than yesterday!
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Who am I?

In one line: A tech generalist.
In detail:
As a Developer
  • Solidity Developer
  • Full stack Developer (MERN stack)
  • Flutter Developer
  • Currently a no code advocate
  • Flutter Developer at RedCarpet UP (3M+ Downloads) (Jan ‘21 - Mar ‘21)
  • Flutter Developer at Ekam (April ‘21 - Aug ‘21)
  • Founder of Influencer Maven (Influencer Marketing Agency) (’20 - ‘21)
  • Developer at several anon projects in the crypto space (Developed NFTs, Crypto Tokens (ERC20, BEP20), Solidity Smart contracts, DApps, etc)
As a Content creator
Heading India’s largest Crypto Exchange’s content (CoinDCX)
  • Dec ‘21 - Present
  • Grew the brand’s social media presence by over 200K+ new followers across the social media accounts.
Social Media Marketing at CodeNicely
  • Jun ‘20 - Sept ‘20
  • Handled their Instagram + Pinterest page
  • Host of “The Blockchain Boys Podcast” with the world’s first Bodybuilding NFT Artist (Taurus)
As a Public Speaker
Vishwapreneur, 2023
Datta Meghe College of Engineering, India
Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, Mumbai
Crossing over to the cryptoverse
Video preview
Thadomal Shahani College, Mumbai
VIIT, Pune
DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai
Over 20+ colleges and seminars (mail me at to invite me to your college)
  • Won various Debates, Elocutions throughout school and college life
As a Community manager
  • Handling and growing a community of Blockchain tech enthusiasts (Student Samaj)
As a Consultant
  • Growth consultant
  • Blockchain development consultant
  • Smart contract auditor
As a Student
Hansraj Morarji Public School (2004-2017)
  • 2017’s best all rounder (Athletics + Academics + Co-curricular + Extra Curricular Activities)
Pace Junior College (2017-2019)
  • Yes the same college that the current Twitter CEO (Parag Agarwal) had gone to
  • Ranked AIR 30,000 in JEE Mains
KJSCE (2019-2023)
  • BTech in Computer Science
  • Mr. Somaiya 2020
General Secretary at SAHAS council
Coordinator at Codecell ‘20(Coding club)
As an Athlete
  • 100m in 11.45 secs
  • Bench pressed 60kgs at 50kg body weight
  • Captain of the Pace Junior College Football Team ‘17
  • Plays at local tournaments
  • Can do an around the world and rainbow
  • Can nutmeg you
Long Tennis
  • Trained under YMCA, Mumbai and reached advanced group (people training for years) in 3 days
  • Counterpuncher
  • Right arm slow spin bowler
  • Trained under YMCA, Mumbai
  • Weak on the backhand
  • Can ride a cycle without hands on the steer
  • My primary mode of transport
Table Tennis
  • Played in school level competitions
  • Yellow belt
  • Knows the first Shotokan Kata
Pool + Snooker
  • Used to play at underground events for fun
As a Dancer
  • Learnt Hiphop, Bollywood style, Jazz at Mihir Dance Academy (2006-2011)
Shiamak Davar’s Institute (2011-13)
Shield Dance ‘20
Shield Dance ‘22
Shield Dance ‘23
As a Rapper
  • Awaaz - Ali Solanki
  • Soch - Ali Solanki
  • Won Mr. Somaiya ‘20 (performed Awaaz)
As a Musician
  • Playing since I was a kid
  • Fingerstyle
  • Tabs, Chords
Find something that I haven’t tried yet? Mail me at: with a list

Previous Works (In the content space)

Heading India’s largest Crypto Exchange’s content (CoinDCX)
  • Grew the brand’s social media presence by over 200K+ new followers across the social media accounts.
Have crossed over 6.5M+ views on YouTube (Ali Solanki)
Been making content in the Innovative Tech, Finance niche for over 3 years
Host of “The Blockchain Boys Podcast” with the world’s first Bodybuilding NFT Artist (Taurus)

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