1 hr to study for my exam

Daily Blogs
Mar 15, 2023 12:36 PM
I had 1 hr to study for my exam and this is what went down! Tbh I totally forgot about it. Got ready and it’s already 12. Oh but what’s the syllabus? “Syllabus ke terms google karle”, Ok bro. Can’t find anything. “Maam ke PPT mein se padh”. 1 hr for the exam and I’m still trying to find the Notes. Got in the group, 4 Modules to go. Module 1 done in Metro. Module 2 done while walking. 30 mins to go reached the exam centre. With 5 mins to go, I’m done. Exam was of 1hr 15 mins but your boy got done with it in 40, well I’m pretty fast and I’ll still get pretty good marks. Okay bye.