Apr 21, 2023 12:08 AM
Bought his first Macbook for developing IOS applications fully financed via his Freelancing and Startup ventures before
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Started Freelancing for multiple projects in blockchain, web development as well as mobile app development, above is one of the mobile app development project named Ekam. By the end of 2021, had worked on over 5+ full fledged projects which doubled the next year. PS. all this while I was still just freelancing on the weekends.
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Travelled to Bengaluru for the first time to work with Maximum Protocol team as their CTO
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Founded 🍉gang, the above picture is the time when I had to shoot 8 videos for CoinDCX (our first client) after which they hired the Agency on a contractual basis (PS: I’m in blue, standing with the SocioSpy team who were handling CoinDCX’s production at that time)