Recording a video in front of 15+ people

Daily Blogs
Mar 19, 2023 01:43 PM
The video you’re watching right now has been made in front of 15+ people and this is how it all went down Today I woke up at 10 and I went straight to work. Have a live session at 7 but oh! I don’t even have the presentation yet! “Bhai 7k views aagaye video par”, but the happiness quickly faded when I saw over 44 Pull Requests on my Github. Okay let’s get to work. “Ali tune Amazon se kuch order kiya tha?”, yess finally got the book! But need to get back to business. I managed to get to around 22 PRs but oops totally forgot about the presentation. Got only 2 hrs let’s see if we can get it done! Added some memes and there we go! Btw the entire video that you just saw was recorded in front of 15+ people! If you get in the cohort make sure to follow me to learn more.
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