Shopping for My Football Shoes

Daily Blogs
Feb 21, 2023 06:31 PM
My football shoes got ripped off, so today we’ll be shopping for a new one. I woke up at around 10 today. Morning was pretty unproductive. I took my cycle out to go to the gym. Saw this shop on the way. They had some really good shoes. But being the gujju boy I am, I just had to check out the other stores. “Nikal ke rakho main dekhkar aata hu”. None had the kind of shoes that I was looking for. “Kal aajao, naya stock aa raha hai”, he told me. Got distracted once more when I saw this shop. This time it was the RGB lights. My current lights are pretty much not working. “RGB lights hai?”, I asked him. He showed me this one. Liked it, and got the lights. But due to all this, I got pretty tired. “Cardio toh aise hi hogaya”, so I went back home. YouTube khola and saw this awesome video of harder drives. So if you’re a nerd, go check it out. Tomorrow we’ll start with a freelance project. So stay tuned.