The butterfly effect

Daily Blogs
Feb 27, 2023 03:38 PM
Tu butterfly hai bc. I was told. Butterfly, noun, a person who is likely to change activities easily. Yeah, that’s the one. I have built and launched many things in the past but never stuck any one . I built a nightlife aggregator app, just to leave it during COVID, launched my course, sold a bunch of it too just to jump over to building my social media agency, got the biggest clients in the web3 space just to jump over to building some AI tools, people used it and loved it and I just jumped over to creating these Daily Vlogs, again people are loving this too but what if I jump again? It’s time to stop and reflect. Next 3 months of my life will be focused on just one thing. My courses. It will contain all the things that you need in order to make side income. Right from freelancing, to building no-code products, to making internet money with just a laptop and an internet connection. So who’s with me? Go over to the link in my bio to start.