Working for 2 days a Week (Part 1)

Daily Blogs
Feb 18, 2023 06:44 PM
I only work 2 days a week and this is how I do it… You know there are these days where you feel like you’ve been at your best? Well today was one of them. I woke pretty early. I woke up at around…. 9am on a Saturday, okay that’s an achievement for me. “Aaj 10 videos toh record karege hi”, that was the plan. Harsh and Yash who manage my social media handles came in and we started right off. Had to schedule some posts for my LinkedIn and then we started with recording. Ofcourse, after taking a small break <An Eternity Later> ”Bhai kapde khatam hogaye”, We had recorded just 5 videos, 5 more to go. Recording is not a joke and I was pretty tired already. “Aaj khatam karke hi uthge bhai”, we decided and then we just didn’t stop. By 6pm, we were finally done with all of them <Yayyy> A small treat for me (coffee break) and ready for my next working day.
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